About us

Venture Group is characterized by genuine entrepreneurship.  Over the years this has led to a multi-faceted group of companies which shares one passion: the delivery of total solutions. They do this with various products and services in various markets. Venture Group itself provides administration, automation, marketing and communication, personnel and organization, financial and management reporting and long-term strategies for the companies within the group.

Corporate Profile

Venture Group is the coordinating and linking component within the organization of the subsidiaries and determines long-term strategies together with its daughter companies.  This bundling of knowledge and experience within the various sectors increases added value for clients. With nearly 1000 employees in more than ten offices worldwide, Venture Group realizes a turnover of more than 50 million euros annually. Over the years, Venture Group has grown into a financially sound operating company with positive prospects for the future.


The companies within Venture Group are differentiated by the unique combination of total solutions for delivering services, products and tested technologies.  The goal is to use our services to enable our clients to perform better.  The starting points for this are solid business management, a client-oriented and personal approach and the provision of quality and service.

Company Film

The founder and CEO, Harry van Dalfsen, and CFO and current chairman of the management team, Arjen van Dalfsen, are featured in the Venture Group company film.

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