The companies within Venture Group are active in various market sectors and produce products and services that improve their clients' performance in the areas of quality, efficiency and cost management. .

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Waste collection systems

VConsyst develops, delivers and installs (underground) waste containers for national and international government-contracted companies and government agencies. Using mechanics, access electronics and specially developed software, VConsyst makes the entire process transparent and manageable.

VConsyst Afvalinzamelsystemen

Visitor registration systems

VConsyst is a major player in the cash register system, access control and reservation system sectors. With made-to-order software and product development, implementation and installation of hardware and software, the company offers total solutions.



Metal works

VConsyst in Gorredijk develops, produces and supplies tailor-made solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The products and solutions are applied in infrastructure, industry, waste collection and utilities.

Wecycle, afvalstraat, Intergamma,

Website Hillebrandt GmbH

Metal works

Hillebrandt Stahl- und Behälterbau GmbH specialises in the metal works sector, and focuses on underground waste containers, steel constructions, recycling containers and balustrades.


Website Velogic

Automatic bicycle parking

Velogic provides total solutions in the automated bicycle parking sector. This stimulates the use of bicycles and manages parking. The application of ICT and provision of solid advice are central to this.


Waste collection systems

Equinord develops, supplies and installs underground waste collection systems. The systems operate hydraulically and are special because they are operated without the use of collection lorries. This makes them interesting for municipalities that have not yet transferred to underground waste collection.


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