Venture Group operates with attention for humanity and nature. This means that where the company is active, it strives to improve the influence of its business activities on the social surroundings and the environment. Here are a few examples of the way in which the concept of corporate social responsibility is shaped within the companies.

Sponsorship and donations

Annually, Venture Group donates a large percentage of its profits to charities in the form of sponsorship and donations. Venture Group is a top sponsor of Sportclub Genemuiden and is sponsor of the Ruutvoorn Genemuiden volleyball association, the De Zwartewaterruiters Genemuiden riding club and the Foundation for the Floor Coverings Museum in Genemuiden.

Sampark foundation

Established in 2007, the Sampark Foundation is a Venture Group initiative arising from the desire not only to be commercially active in India, but to also contribute to the country's development. The foundation focuses on education in rural areas and in the slums of Delhi.

Sampark foundation website
Stichting Sampark

Corporate social responsibility committee VConsyst

From its passion to operate sustainably, the corporate social responsibility concept is given particular attention within VConsyst. A committee has been working with Venture Group since 2010 on new corporate social responsibility goals. For 2012 these included:
  • risk inventory of the product portfolio determining the CO2 footprint
  • ISO 14001 certification
  • pilot steel fibres in concrete wells (instead of reinforced concrete)
  • formulation of vision for a sustainable human resources policy

Vadain's Curtain return service

The Curtain return service was started by Vadain on 1 March 2012. The returned curtains no longer end up as waste, but are re-used in the textile industry. To stimulate this, consumers receive a return bonus from Vadain to a maximum of 100 euros for the return of their old curtains.
Gordijn Retourservice

VConsyst project with long-term unemployed

Together with the Municipality of Zwartewaterland, VConsyst started a pilot scheme in October 2011 to help the long-term unemployed with job-seeking. As it was well-received on all sides, the pilot has been extended and expanded. The project helps people get back into a work rhythm and off benefits.

VConsyst obtains IAS-hallmark for people with disabilities

The VConsyst waste collection systems have received the IAS hallmark (International Accessibility Symbol). VConsyst thus meets all the standards and regulations for people with disabilities using its services. The IAS hallmark (in addition to the TÜV type approval for quality and safety) indicates that our systems are safe and suitable for all target groups, including people with disabilities.
ITS logo VConsyst